Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something More.

Honky is about a black girl named "Sheila" (played by the beautiful Brenda Sykes) who falls in love with a white guy named "Wayne" (John Neilson). Sheila is a rebellious girl whereas Wayne is a very square guy who tries to be somewhat cool whenever he's with Sheila. Still though, the two get along very fine and are very much in love with each other.

When Wayne accidentally crashes his car, he immediately gets frightened of getting in big trouble so he decides to run off to California (I think) and of course Sheila wants to go with him. When they arrive, they hitchhike all over the place and finally arrive in some country town where something very bad happens. No one dies, but the movie ends very depressing.

Honky is a pretty good movie, very romantic too. What makes this movie even more good is Brenda Sykes, not only does she give a great performance in this movie, she also looks good in the movie, real good! Especially when she wears the red dress, man oh man, Brenda was really something back then! The music is also pretty good, the soundtrack was done by the awesome Quincy Jones. All the songs are very light hearted and cool. This is obviously better than Aaron Loves Angela. Watch It. 7/10.

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