Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Narcotrafico: Sentencia De Muerte.

Rodolfo De Anda and Jorge Luke team up in Narcotrafico: Sentencia De Muerte (Death Sentence) to capture and battle drug traffickers during an Off Road racing event in Ensenada, Baja California. This movie is non-stop entertainment and action!!! Oh sure it's exaggerated, but that's what makes the movie so exciting! It also has comedic parts that are pretty funny, and of course what I loved most about Narcotrafico is the music playing through out the whole movie. It is pretty cheesy stuff, but damn, it's catchy and 80's awesome.

Odd thing about Narcotrafico is that it tries to be American quite a lot, since Rodolfo De Anda's character is an FBI agent from San Diego (some of the movie was actually shot in San Diego), he speaks "Spanglish" through out the whole movie. I must admit though, It's pretty funny hearing the man say "Shit!" (Sheeet!) and "Let's Party!".

Unfortunately Narcotrafico isn't available on DVD. As far as I know, it's only available on VHS and it's not exactly easy to find. Still though, if you ever find a copy of it somewhere, buy it and watch it. It will entertain you for sure. Even if you don't understand Spanish, you'll still enjoy the action. 8/10.

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