Thursday, February 24, 2011

I love Horror High.

Horror High (aka Twisted Brain) tells the tale a nerdy boy named Vernon who is experimenting on a guinea pig. His experiment is to change the guinea pig's appearance, but of course, this experiment goes wrong since the guinea pig becomes a monster and it kills a mean janitor's pet cat. Thinking Vernon killed the cat, the mean janitor forces Vernon to kill himself by drinking the experiment, obviously it doesn't kill him... It transforms him into a mad monster!! Naturally, the mean janitor ends up getting killed by the Monster Vernon. After killing and wondering what the hell happened, Vernon decides to get revenge on his mean teachers by killing them in brutal ways... So before killing, he drinks the experiment to transform into the mad monster.

A great 70's Horror movie! This movie is really awesome and it is my #2 favorite 70's horror movie of all time, It has everything you could want in a 70's horror movie! I love this movie. If you haven't seen it, well.. You're missing out big time. Buy It! 9/10. 


J. Astro said...

Been meaning to get on this one for awhile.

Christopher said...

They used to show this one on our local Chiller Theater all the time. Mr. Mumps is da man! like when he used the paper cutter on the old bitty.