Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Can Make You Love Me.

I Can Make You Love Me (aka Stalking Laura) is about a weird man named "Richard" (Richard Thomas) who stalks his new co-worker "Laura" (Brooke Shields), he constantly asks her out but of course she refuses because she obviously thinks he's a weirdo. Richard thinking she's playing hard to get, he keeps on asking her out, going to her aerobics class, writing her creepy letters, and following her around wherever she goes. Laura gets sick of it, so she gets a temporary restraining order on the weirdo Richard, he doesn't take the restraining order very well, so he decides to make her feel bad by shooting up their work building.

This is a very interesting movie, It's based on a true story and It has a great cast. The movie is also pretty creepy since Richard does very disturbing things. Looking for an interesting movie about stalking? Check out I Can Make You Love Me. 8/10.

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