Friday, February 4, 2011

The Black Six Sux.

"Even now a days, any fool that cut loose from a football team, right away they stick em' in front of a camera and call it a movie." - Fred Sanford, from the show Sanford and Son

When I first heard that quote, I immediately thought of "The Black Six" because that movie defines Fred Sanford's hilarious quote, these 6 "tough" guys were all in football teams and somehow got involved in movies.... Crappy movies.

The Black Six is about some black biker guy that finds out his younger brother was killed by a group of racist bikers because he was dating a white girl, so the black biker dude decides to go back home and get to the bottom of this, of course, he isn't going alone.... He has 5 biker pals coming with him. From there we just see the bikers getting shit talked, blah blah blah, there's a bar fight, bad acting, more bad acting, and last, it ends horrible. Yeah.

The Black Six could of been so much better if some effort was put in to it, you can tell right away the makers of this dumb movie really wanted to make a quick buck by making a Blaxploitation movie starring some 'retired' football players. If you ever see this crappy movie on DVD anywhere, don't think about buying it because it is not worth it at all, buy something else instead, like a bag of chips or a bootleg DVD of "Tangled". 3/10.

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