Sunday, February 13, 2011

Be My Valentine... Or Else!

Back in the 60's, something very horrible happened to Susan. You see, her little boy friend got hung to death by a jealous boy that likes her a lot, he did it because Susan and her friend laughed at the Valentine's card he gave her. So now it's the 80's, Susan is all grown up and she's off to the hospital to get back some test results she needs for her insurance. When she arrives, a psycho wearing surgeon gear switches her good test results with bad results, these bad results cause Susan to stay at the hospital for exams and shit. As Susan stays at the hospital, people that work in the hospital get killed, but why? Well, this psycho obviously wants to make sure Susan stays there, so he kills anybody that will cause her to leave, like doctors, nurses, dumb boyfriends, etc. Now the main question here is, why is this psycho keeping Susan in the hospital? Well that's simple to answer! That little boy that killed Susan's friend wants to get revenge on her on the same day she laughed at his crummy card.

Swell Reader:
What day was that again? I don't believe you said what day it was... 

My swell reader, It was obviously on Valentine's Day!

Hospital Massacre is a pretty weird slasher movie, It's also very exaggerated which makes It funny. The killer's identity was hidden well but I hated the fact that we first had to believe it was Susan's ex-husband just because he has knife that he uses to cut fruit, obviously it's not him since we do not see that dumb knife being used for murder. Whatever though. I like this movie, you might like it too. Go ahead, watch it. 6/10.

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Thomas Duke said...

I also reviewed both My Bloody Valentine and Hospital Massacre for this past Valentine's day. Pretty crazy.

"Be My Valentine...Or Else!" is a totally better title.