Thursday, February 10, 2011

Aaron Loves Angela.

Aaron Loves Angela is apparently about a black guy named "Aaron" dating a younger Puerto Rican girl named "Angela" and they deal with the prejudice their friends and family give them. Well.... Not really, It's not even about that. Not once do we hear their parents (and friends) say It's bad dating a person of a different color. There are a few scenes that involve that, but that's about it.

Don't get me wrong, It is a romance flick but it also has a very weird and unnecessary crime thing going on. you see, there's this pimp that Aaron knows and he is somehow trying to deal cocaine to the mafia but things go very wrong when he double crosses them. The dying pimp hands the stolen money to Aaron, and he decides he wants to use it to run off with Angela, but of course she doesn't want him to do that, she wants him to do the right thing by turning it in to the police. Should Aaron do the right thing? Or not? That's the conflict of the movie.

Even though the movie has nothing to do with racism, It is still worth looking into, especially for the music, the music in the movie is awesome. 4/10. 

Listen to the song "Angela" by Jose Feliciano Here

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