Saturday, January 8, 2011

What a Heavy Metal Massacre.

Two words to describe Heavy Metal Massacre = Egotistical and Horrible.

The so called "Bobbi Young" (aka David DeFalco) has to be the most egotistical person on earth because this movie is just about himself and his "badass" metal look and "badass" metal house (a one room apartment really). Heavy Metal Massacre is supposed to be a slasher flick but we rarely see anything involving slasher killings, oh sure there's a few kills but they're done poorly as fuck, I've seen plenty of super low budget movies that at least tried to be brutal, in this movie however they didn't try at all, one quick shot and that was it. No retake at all. I'm aware that DeFalco did say this movie was heavily flawed but still, you can tell right away he's the same person he was back in 89; An egotistical man that wants to show off his "looks" and "twisted mind" by making horrible movies.

The movie tells the story of some uknown metalhead that goes around clubs and bars picking up metal chicks and bringing them back to his house (again, a one room apartment really) to kill them in brutal ways. The cops try to find the killer but of course, they got no clues or suspects.. Blah, blah, blah, That's It.

This is a fucking horrible movie, It's filled with very bad acting, stupid special effects, crap editing, ugly heavy metal music, ugly sets, horrible killings, and very pointless shots of "Bobbi Young" looking "metal". If you wanna see it then I suggest you do but don't go thinking you'll like it because I guarantee you won't at all. You'll hate it and you will really hate the man known as Bobbi Young. 1/10.

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