Monday, January 17, 2011

"Panico", a Mexican Horror Anthology movie.

Panico has 3 stories to tell, these stories are creepy, sad, and funny.

Let's get started with the first story.

This is where the title comes from, it starts with a young woman hearing a baby crying, she goes to the crib and from our view we see nothing, next thing you know, we see her outside holding a baby doll and caring for it like if it's real. Then, things get crazier! A creepy looking woman starts chasing the young woman in the woods, the young woman runs as fast as she can and starts remembering a bad experience with men she once trusted. Then the young woman sees her "baby" slowly going down quicksand, she tries to save the "baby" but it ends up sinking and a yellow rose floats up, the young woman picks up the rose and starts to look happy. From there the creepy woman reaches her and "stabs" her.. But of course, it didn't actually happen because the young woman actually kills the creepy woman by choking her, the story ends with a narrator telling us how the young woman became a schizophrenic.

This was a great story, it's really trippy and creepy, it also has no dialogue (til the end of course) which makes it interesting and unique.

Second story is about 2 men burying a woman and rowing to another town for safety. As they row through a gloomy river, one of the men (Joaquin Cordero) starts hearing the woman's voice and remembers fond memories of himself with her, same time, the other man also remembers fond memories of himself with her. Things get worse for these guys when they start fighting (secrets were finally told), Joaquin Cordero's character kills the other man and from there he starts hearing the woman's voice closer to him, he also starts coughing out blood which means he's infected with the disease that killed the woman he loved.

This was an interesting story, it is really tragic and creepy.

The last story is a cheerful one but in a dark way of course.

This one is about a goofy scientist accidentally exposing himself with some chemical that makes him appear dead, when his wife finds him lying on the floor "dead", she decides to bury him as soon as possible because she feels that's the right thing to do. As the man lays "dead" in a coffin, he awaits for the chemical to wear off but unfortunately it's too late when it does. So, he's now six feet under ground and his wife has moved on with another man. As depressing as that sounds, it's pretty funny actually, the ending is hilarious and perfect.

If you want to see something that will scare you, surprise you, and make you laugh... Then check out Panico, you won't regret it. 7/10.


A.D. said...

Good find! I'm a big fan of horror anthology movies and this one looks pretty cool. I don't believe I've ever seen one out of Mexico before.

raculfright_13 said...

Thank you Aaron, there's plenty of Mexican Horror Anthology movies out there, but they are pretty hard to find. If you want to see one that you could find, then check out "Cien Gritos De Terror", it's only 2 stories but they're both great. You can find that one at any dollar store.

Netai Biswas said...