Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Top 10 Best Blogo Trasho Movies of 2011, I love Tatiana, I love Melinda Maloney, Everybody Loves Payasito, food and booze are free, See Ya In 2012!

2011 was quite a year for me. It literally started out with a bang. Then after that unfortunate bang, many things happened. Some good and some bad.

The Good? I acquired many trashy films. Some were covered on the blog, the rest will be reviewed next year. Then there was that time when Payasito became more known. My goodness, it is amazing how he got all kinds of fans in one damn day. Congrats Payasito on your new fame. Let's hope the fame grows bigger next year. You are the coolest killer doll ever! And you are the coolest midget ever!

Then, there was the time when I tweeted a link to my Pesadilla Fatal review. I gladly mentioned Tatiana in the tweet. To my surprise, she quoted it and told me she couldn't believe I have a copy of this movie. That made my night wonderful. Heart melted as well.

The Bad? Well they aren't exactly bad, but they do make me feel bad sometimes! You see, I fell in love with someone special. Her name is Tatiana (Have I mentioned her before?). I love her with all my heart. She's special to me. Very special. If only she were mine....................

Then, a girl I once knew came back into my life. Her name is Melinda Maloney. I went to prom with her, but something awful happened at prom. That awful prom incident caused us to lose contact with each other. Then a month before Prom Night was reviewed, I saw Melinda riding her bicycle around town. I wanted to go up to her and say hello, but I just couldn't do it. What if I say hello and I remind her about that awful prom night? I don't want to upset & lose her again. Sooner or later I will have to approach her. I miss her madly. She's got to be mine. She is my destiny and my inspiration. I know it!

Anyway, enough of my strange, weird, bizarre, and crazy longings. Here are The Top 10 Best Blogo Trasho Movies of 2011! (click title to read review!)

10. Elves (1989) - Elvesssssssssssssssssssss.

9. Seytan (1974) - Been wanting to see this for quite a while. This year I finally did and enjoyed it.

8. Wimps (1986) - Their Time Definitely Came.

7. Vampire Circus (1972) - Wonderful Hammer movie.

6. Papi Gudia (1996) - Never seen anything like it (or have I?).

5.  Scalpel (1977) - Really cool movie with likable insane characters.

4.  Rush Week (1989) - Very awesome slasher flick I'm glad I found by random.

3. Muerte Infernal (1987) - Long Live Yermo. That is all.

2.  Siete En La Mira 2 (1986) - Greatest Sequel Ever Made?

1. Pesadilla Fatal (1990) - Hello Tatiana, is it me you're looking for?

Now for our musical guests! Don't forget, refreshments are on the table and are free. However, please donate a penny or two. This stuff wasn't easy to acquire ya know!

Last year, Pedro Fernandez rocked Blogo Trasho with his cover of "Careless Whisper". Now, he's going to perform a song from the 1988 classic teen flick, Un Sabado Mas. Here's Maniqui!

Pedro... You are so damn talented! That was just amazing. Good job, dude. Now go comb that cool hair and help yourself to some wild groupies and cheesy nachos!

Now folks, we all fear of growing old, right? Let's face it, It was great when we was all young. Don't you wish you can be.. FOREVER YOUNG!

Great! Great!

So I turned 21 this year and I had like this crazy party at a closed down topless joint. There was bunch of cocaine, beer, and there was even some trashy movie screenings. After the movies, the music performer arrived on stage and played only one song. This one song had everyone at the party going wild and cheering! It was great. Here's 100 Dolla Bills Y'all!

100 Dolla Bills Ya'll, you once again did it. You rocked this joint. Good job, sir.

Now, here's Herb Alpert with "This Guy's In Love With You". I dedicate this song to a certain girl that has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile. This one is for you Melinda Maloney.

Well, that's it folks. 2011 is over. The expensive tasty beer is gone. The cheesy nachos are gone too. Now, let us prepare for 2012. The Next Trashiest Year. See ya later freaks and weirdos!


Here's some previews of Blogo Trasho in 2012. Enjoy.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas from Raculfright_13 and Payasito!

                              Have a fun & safe Holiday! Trashy as well. Just not too trashy, okay? Ok!

                                                     FELIZ NAVIDAD!