Sunday, December 5, 2010

They Call Her Lola La Trailera!!!

Lola La Trailera (also known as "Lola The Truck Driving Woman") is about a woman called "Lola" (Rosa Gloria Chagoyan) who becomes a truck driver after her father is killed by Drug Traffickers. Lola is saddened by her father's death so she decides to keep his spirit alive by driving his truck with her goofy Godfather and a little blonde twerp she picked up hitchhiking. Lola meets undercover cop "Jorge" (Rolando Fernandez) who is investigating a possible drug trafficking ring that involves truckers, when the traffickers find out he's a cop, they kidnap him and decide to use him as a hostage. Lola finds out about Jorge and drives off in a bus/truck type vehicle to rescue Jorge and avenge her father's death!!!!!

This is the most entertaining Mexploitation movie ever made, there's a lot of guns shooting, grenade throwing, truck driving and bar fighting! The movie is also pretty funny and real cheesy but it's the good kind of cheesy. Only things I didn't like was the crap editing and the censoring of the word "coca" (cocaine). Perhaps the word "coca" was too hot for mainstream Mexican audiences? 8/10.

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