Sunday, December 19, 2010

It's The Big Bet.

The Big Bet is about a guy named "Chris" who as a kid, always had luck with the ladies, older ones too. As the years went by, his luck ran out but he imagines getting laid all the time anyway. One day, Chris decides to make a big bet with a jerk that he could get his hands and cock inside the new beautiful girl at school named "Beth" (Kim Evenson). He befriends her and becomes very close to her which leads into a sweet romance. The jerk sees that Chris has a big chance of winning the bet, so he blackmails Beth into not letting Chris get into her pants (Tragic). Since Beth is playing hard to get (into!), Chris decides to get his luck with the ladies back by accidentally going to a gay resort, day dreamin', more day dreamin', watching cheesy porn and asking an older sexy woman for advice, which is: Having sex and telling him what to do to a girl (nice!).

This is your typical teen sex comedy, it's full of tits, bush, asses, corny jokes, good jokes and goofy guys. Bert I. Gordon did a great job directing this forgotten teen sex comedy gem, he should of continued working on this genre in the 90's but oh well. Hope he's doing well today. A Region 2 DVD of The Big Bet was released a while back and it is still in print and sadly there is no R1 DVD out. Dear Severin Films, could you please release The Big Bet on DVD? Thanks. Sincerely, raculfright_13. 6/10.

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