Sunday, December 19, 2010


When I heard about "Iced" a while back, I felt it was something I should immediately check out because:
  1.  It's a cheap slasher from the 80's. 
  2.  It's rare.
  3.  It takes place in a ski resort.
  4. The title is awesome.
So, I finally got myself a copy, poured a little coke into my cup and pushed play. When I was saw the title "Iced" on the screen I shouted "Fuck Yeah!!" and sipped my coke. When the movie ended, I was very disappointed. I cried.

Iced tells the story of a dorky creep named "Jeff" that has an epic (crappy) ski race with his rival "Corey", after losing the race, Jeff loses Trina's heart to Corey and decides to commit suicide by skiing fast and falling into some thick rocks. 4 years later, Corey is now married to Trina and Jeff is still dead, I think.... You see, Corey, Trina and their friends are invited to stay at some new resort where they plan to have a good time, but, things get very bad when a psycho wearing an awesome 80's ski outfit kills them off one by one in brutal/cheesy ways. Will Corey and Trina live? Who is the killer? Is Jeff back from the dead? Is someone avenging his death? Does cocaine really give you nightmares? When the killer is finally revealed, it was no surprised to me because it was very obvious. Ugh.

I expected too much coolness from Iced and for that I will never trust another cheap 80's slasher with a cool title ever again. Fuck You Jeff Kwitny. 4/10.

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Ty said...

Great write-up!

This movie always looked ridiculous. The title is good though.