Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Very Strange Vengeance of Rosalie.

The Strange Vengeance of Rosalie is about a young girl named "Rosalie" that is riding in a car with a man named "Virgil" who's driving down to California, he agrees to take Rosalie to her grandfather's house which is in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico. When they arrive at the old house, Rosalie begs Virgil to stay because her grandfather 'is not' home and she doesn't want to be alone, Virgil tells her that he can't stay and then somehow his car tires get flat so now he has no choice but to stay til morning. In the morning, Virgil tells Rosalie to go into town and bring someone back to fix his tires, Rosalie refuses because she doesn't want to be alone and then!!! She breaks his right leg with the back part of an axe. From there we just see Virgil trying to convince Rosalie to set him free, a dirty biker comes to the house asking for his daddy's gold and Virgil tries to escape numerous times. Yep, that's pretty much it. The 'strange vengeance' happens in the end and it's not good... Not good at all.

This movie isn't sleazy or intense at all, it is actually somewhat funny and even romantic but in a twisted way since Rosalie falls in 'love' with Virgil. Worth checking out but don't expect something amazing. 5/10.

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