Thursday, November 25, 2010

'Twas A Night To Dismember....

I first saw this movie last month at Cinefamily (The Silent Movie Theatre) and I must say (once again) it is like watching a mixtape trying to tell a story. A Night To Dismember is an extremely sloppy piece of trash that will confuse you and make you laugh your fucking ass off.

A Night To Dismember tries very hard to tell a story about a family curse affecting a young woman by the name of "Vicky", I guess she killed people long ago and then a few years later she's released from the mental hospital and goes back home. When she arrives home, things gets very weird for her because she sees eerie things and feels threatened, could she be going crazy again? Or is someone trying to scare her? Well, it's no surprise really when we find out Vicky is being scared by her insane siblings because they want her out of the house. Then later on, Vicky meets up with an old flame and even tries to hook up with a Detective by dancing very sexy and odd. Then.... Lots of things happen, gory killings and color changing sex dreams.... And.... Other things that are very indescribable!

The movie starts off sloppy and ends sloppy, you're gonna be left with a "wtf" feeling when it's over because you don't know what the fuck just happened, you're gonna be thinking "oh, maybe a 2nd viewing will make me understand what happened!!!" Well buddy, it ain't gonna work because the movie just simply doesn't make any sense. It goes from one thing to another, one thing to another and one thing to another. The editing is horrible! It's all sloppy and cheaply done, same with the audio too, it's either playing 2 songs at the same time, playing over and over and the voice overs/screams are very badly recorded. This movie is a mess but that is what makes it funny and somewhat enjoyable to watch, if you really want to see this movie then please don't take it seriously and remember, a 2nd viewing won't make you understand the story. No one gets it, no one ever will. No One will care to anyways. 5/10.