Friday, November 19, 2010

Seven In The Gunsight.

Before Intrepidos Punks... There was Siete En La Mira.

Siete En La Mira (also known as "7 En La Mira" and "Seven In The Gunsight") tells the story of a small Texas town being taken over by a group of bizarre biker punks, the town is taken over because one of the youngest punks got shot in the head after raping and murdering a young woman. The punks want the man that shot him but the Sheriff (Mario Almada) won't give him up since he's just a suspect. So then the punks hold people hostage in a local bar and a junior high school, the sheriff and his brother "Marcos" (Fernando Almada) try their best to rescue the hostages without resorting to violence until Marcos' son is killed. When Marcos and the Sheriff see the dead boy lying on the grass, they both look at the punks with a strong vengeful look on their face, this is where the movie gets very serious and badass, Marcos and the Sheriff start fighting and killing the punks all over town, then when the movie is about to end, an epic showdown happens between the Sheriff and the punk leader "Vikingo" (Jorge Reynoso).

An epic film with an epic cast! The story is pretty cool and it has a very obvious American Western tone to it, It may not have over the top violence but it does have very cool fighting and gun battling scenes. If you liked Intrepidos Punks then why not check this out, you might like it. 8/10.

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