Friday, November 26, 2010

"Blood Freak", a movie about a man that becomes a blood drinking turkey.

Blood Freak tells the story of a man named "Herschell" who becomes addicted to pot and eats funny turkey. After eating a funny turkey, he passes out and a goofball scientist dumps his body in a wooded area. Some hours later, Herschell wakes up and turns into a Turkey Monster! He has the body of a man and a head of a turkey. Amazing, huh? Oh Yeah! So then, Herschell avoids his friends and tries not to be seen by his ultra-attractive girlfriend "Ann". After a couple of days hiding, Herschell gets out of the house and starts killing drug addicts and drinking their blood because drug addict blood tastes so much better than normal blood.

What a movie! It may be real bad but somehow it can be pretty entertaining if you're open minded and love smoking pot. The best part of Blood Freak is the man narrating (Blood Freak Director "Brad F. Grinter"), we see him telling the story of Herschell as he smokes cigarettes, he coughs horribly in his last scene and it's really awkward. The other best part of Blood Freak is the emotional dark scene between Herschell and Ann, Ann questions their future together and Herschell replies with a gobble or two. I cried. 6/10.

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