Sunday, October 31, 2010

Silly Grave Robbers! Tricks are for Zombie Agustin Bernal!

Here we are with another Mexican Horror flick from the late 80's, hopefully none of you get tired of seeing me review these Mexican Horror flicks (and all kinds of Mexican flicks in general) because I love these movies so much and I want them to be more heard of and appreciated no matter how weird and/or cheap they are. So if you have a problem with it, unfollow this blog and go to Hell :)

Anywho, so this movie is called "Ladrones De Tumbas" (aka "Grave Robbers") and it's a simple little slasher movie from Mexico, there's machine guns, there's cute girls with weird hair styles and outfits, egotistical young men, Fernando Almada being a badass and Agustin Bernal being a tough/scary/evil/sleazy zombie holding a large axe. I was quite surprised to see Agustin Bernal play a zombie because he's rarely in Horror movies, I think he's been in 2 and the rest of his movie roles are drug traffickers and 'cholos' (click his name to know what I mean) so seeing him in zombie make-up really surprised me....

Ladrones De Tumbas starts with an Executioner preparing to impregnate a woman that's strapped to the floor, he's going to bone her for Satan and later at night she will give birth to the Antichrist! But, his plan fails thanks to some religious people that take him away to the good ol' church. A Priest tortures The Executioner and prepares to kill him with a large axe, after once smack in the chest, The Executioner vows to come back and complete his evil plan which is to have sex with a woman and later on give birth to the Antichrist. Then we go to the present time (1989) where we see Fernando Almada being a badass cop and his daughter preparing for a fun camping trip with friends, same time some teenagers prepare for their own little trip which is to steal jewels from old graves. A girl named "Rebbecca" (Erika Buenfil) falls into a dungeon where she finds precious old jewels in tombs and from there we see all the snooty teens taking whatever they find. After taking all they find, one of the stupid guys' pulls out the axe from The Executioner's dead body and he comes back to life to complete his evil plan. If anyone gets in his way, he'll kill them with the axe!!! It's up to Fernando Almada and a Priest to stop The Executioner from killing people and Antichrist baby making.

This is a pretty cool movie but it has very cheap gore effects! Think 80's SOV gore effects, yep... It's that cheap. However, the plot is interesting and the characters were somewhat likable. A perfect little slasher movie to watch on a cool Halloween night :) 7/10.


Jack J said...

Hey Armando!
I don't know if your DVD is subbed but I have this in the "Crypt of Terror - Horror from South of the Border, Vol. 1" box set from BCI and it's subtitled in English. I quite enjoyed this flick!

raculfright_13 said...

glad you liked it :D I have 2 copies of the movie, first copy is from Baja Films (unsubbed) and the Crypt of Terror set :)