Thursday, October 14, 2010

She's "Back from the Dead".

Back from the Dead is about a woman named "Mandy" that is possessed by an evil woman that her husband "Dick" use to be with, apparently this woman was his first wife named "Felicia", she wasn't a very good wife since she would fool around with other men and she was also into the occult! Doing human sacrifices and such.. Then from there we see Felicia dressing sexy (in Mandy's body), she tries to kill Mandy's sister, kills a dog and we find out how exactly Felicia died. It's a pretty good movie but it does have an annoying theme song and there wasn't enough occult material in the movie since we just hear about it rather than see it (just in the end and beginning), it's more of a mystery movie but it's still perfect for a Halloween evening. Check it out. 6/10.

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