Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's Halloween at the Cemetery of Terror!!!

Cementerio Del Terror (also known as "Cemetery of Terror" and "Zombie Apocalypse") tells the story of a man called "Dr. Cardan" (Hugo Stiglitz) that for some reason has visions of a patient of his called "Devlon" brutally murdering a woman in a hospital and then he gets gunned down by security, Dr. Cardan convinces some other Doctor that Devlon is a supernatural being and that his body needs to be destroyed after the autopsy but things obviously go wrong thanks to a prank. Some youngsters steal Devlon's body to bring him back to life (using an evil book!) but just to scare their pretty girlfriends, not actually bring him back to life. So after the stupid little prank, they go back to the old mansion where they were partying before, one by one an Undead Devlon uses his brutal hands to kill these jerky youngsters and from there we see some kids at the cemetery walking around and getting scared, the dead rise from their graves and they run all over the place trying to escape the living dead. Hugo Stiglitz (I mean Dr. Cardan... ha..) arrives just in time to save these poor kids by using a silver cross! But unfortunately, a tree falls on him and gives the cross to one of the kids..

When the movie comes to an end, there's an epic battle between Hugo Stiglitz and Devlon, it's obvious who wins but there's a silly little twist before the credits role and I must say it is the most cheesiest but coolest ending ever! The look on Hugo Stiglitz face is just fantastic.

Ruben Galindo Jr. did one of Hell of a good job making this movie, this is one great Mexican Horror movie and it's a must see for all. 8/10.

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