Sunday, October 3, 2010

I don't want to go to the "Diabolical Birthday" party.

Another Vacation of Terror movie but this one isn't really about going on a vacation, the movie is set in a Movie Studio late at night but first it takes place during the early night. A Halloween Themed Birthday party is happening and someone evil crashes the party! Who is it? The evil witch doll from the 1st movie, she's back but she no longer looks like a doll! She transforms into an ugly monster that seriously looks (and acts!) like Freddy Krueger. What's the purpose of the party crashing you ask? Birthday girl cuts herself in front of a large Birthday cake decoration, the witch doll senses the blood and runs to the cake immediately so that it (or she) could transform into it's true form, the witch doll eats the decoration and right away we see it (or her) transform into an ugly monster, from there the monster kills a dude with ugly glasses and everyone at the party leaves. What a horrible birthday party huh? Well, at least they got to hear Tatiana sing live!!

So after the Birthday party, Birthday girl wakes her sister up (Tatiana) to tell her that she left her old silver coins at the party and that they must go to the studio to get them, so the two chicks go to the Movie Studio once again but this time they're stuck there because the monster has pretty much taken over the place. Luckily, Pedro Fernandez is there to help and his hair is in a ponytail for once.

Vacaciones De Terror 2: CumpleaƱos Diabolico (also known as "Pesadilla Sangrienta", "Vacation of Terror 2: Diabolical Birthday") is better than the first movie and that's only because it has a better story and a lot of splatter! It can be corny at times and the acting isn't all that great but it still manages to entertain since the monster is creepy and funny. Btw, Tatiana's live performance is probably going to annoy you because the song she sings (Chico! I love you!) is pretty catchy and corny as Hell. A great movie to watch on Halloween, I suggest you buy some candy corn and put this movie on. 9/10.


J. Astro said...

Your screen caps make this one look like a real hoot, brother!

raculfright_13 said...

Tatiana's live performance is a hoot!