Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Have a Very Satanic Heavy Metal Halloween Night.

Hack-O-Lantern (also known as "Halloween Night") is about a lot of things but the movie mostly revolves around a guy named "Tommy" who is about to be part of some big Satanic event going down at his Grandpa's barn on Halloween Night, there's also a masked weirdo killing people! Like: Tommy's girlfriend (played by a young Jeanna Fine), an angry horny guy and other weirdos that are close to Tommy's family. Who is it? Well right away you're going to think Tommy or his grandpa but nope, it's not them at all unfortunately. That's where the movie fucks up, we end up finding out it's the least important character of the movie... Eh, Oh well, at least the movie is entertaining and has plenty of T&A to keep you watching. The best scene of the movie (next to Jeanna Fine's full nude scene and murder!) is where Tommy escapes reality and imagines himself in a bitchin' Heavy Metal music video, cool huh? Yes. As for the Satanic and Halloween themes in the movie, wow! Fucking awesome is all I got to say..

Now this is a movie to watch on Halloween Night for sure, get your beer cans ready and prepare to watch a sleazy, cheap and cool flick from 88. 7/10.


The Film Connoisseur said...

Wow, that movie looks gloriously cheesy!

raculfright_13 said...

and very sleazy :D