Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Ghosthouse", the Italian Poltergeist rip-off that takes place in America.

Ghosthouse (also known as "La Casa 3") is about some guy and girl going to an old house to investigate something weird they heard on their radio. So, the young couple go there and find out that some other people are staying over there (outside of the house) and then we see a young girl in all white holding a creepy clown doll scaring people and  murdering them, why? The clown doll said so, well sang really.. It repeats "Play Around, Be Bad" over and over as a sweet yet creepy nursery rhyme plays.

The movie gets really dull in the middle and the story doesn't make much sense but eh, the clown doll is the only reason to watch it along with the gory scenes. 5/10.

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