Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Dark Night of the Scarecrow": The Ultimate TV Halloween Movie.

Dark Night of the Scarecrow is about a mentally ill man named "Bubba" and his little friend "Marylee" who are just sitting down in the field playing with flowers; However, a mailman they call "Otis" is spying on them, why is he spying? Well, it's really hard to say since we all have our own opinions and thoughts so seeing as this is my review, I'm going to tell you my thought of why Otis is spying on them so here we go... Otis is spying on them because he's jealous of Bubba playing with Marylee, Otis is a pedophile and he's attracted to Marylee but he hides it well just like his drinking problem.

After the flowers, Bubba and Marylee walk around when all of a sudden they see some dumb Dwarf statue in a yard, Marylee goes in the yard and fools around with the statue and making Bubba laugh, then a dog attacks Marylee and Bubba right away comes to the rescue! Otis gets the news that Marylee was killed by Bubba so he and other lame vigilantes go searching for Bubba so they can 'arrest' him, they track him down at his home where there's a big field and a Scarecrow for Bubba to hide in, the dogs sense him in the Scarecrow and the men brutally shoot him to death. After the shooting, they find out that he didn't actually harm Marylee and that she is still alive, so the men make it look like Bubba was gonna kill them with a pitchfork and they only shot him in self defense, the wind blows hard as the Scarecrow stands there with a dead Bubba inside.

After the men find themselves innocent in court, Bubba's mother is upset and the District Attorney is pissed, as for the men; They don't care, they just want to go get drunk and eat fried chicken! Days go by and things seem to go well until the men start seeing a Scarecrow in their fields, could it be some kind of warning or just a prank to get them scared? Well, it's a warning and the men get killed in brutal ways that somehow involve their jobs and actions.. Bubba is now getting even and nothing will stop him from doing it.

A great TV Halloween movie, it's loved by millions of people out there, horror or non-horror fan, they all love it very much. It is amazing how this movie finally was released on DVD this year, it may not have a lot of features but the video and audio quality is great! Thank you VCI Entertainment. 9/10.


Josh said...

to me ,the mask is a selling point. id pick it up just to see that creepy thing!

nightrider said...

a film, which along with Duel, should be treated as a small classic of horror!