Friday, October 1, 2010

"Blood and Lace", A Forgotten 70's Horror Movie.

Blood and Lace is about a young girl named "Ellie Masters" who has a hooker mother, Ellie's mom is the best hooker in town! Apparently every man in town has had a little fun with her! One night while Ellie's mom is asleep with a customer, a mysterious person comes in the room and brutally murders them with a hammer, then the house is set on fire, luckily, Ellie survives. She's now staying at a hospital til she's sent to an orphanage, then Ellie tries to run away but a detective (played by Vic Tayback!) catches up with her and sends her back to the hospital. After a couple of drinks between Ellie's social worker and the detective, the social worker decides to send poor little Ellie to an Orphanage and the detective is still investigating the brutal murder and also tells the social worker that he really likes Ellie and wants to get with her. 

Next day or so, Ellie is sent to the Orphanage, the Orphanage is not a very good place to live in because the owner of the house is a weird old lady that's really mean and the handyman is a drunk and a pervert, Ellie doesn't realize all that til she starts doing chores and talking to the other kids. There's also something weird going on in that house, the owner of the Orphanage talks to her dead husband's corpse and believes that he's still alive in spirit and she also wants to preserve the dead by freezing them, the whole point of the movie however is that a weird looking man is scaring Ellie at night, could it be her mother's last customer? A Not So Dead Husband? Mel from Alice? Ellie's unknown father? We find out in the end and it's the detective but he didn't actually murder Ellie's mother (it turned out to be Ellie herself!), we also find out something that involves Ellie's unknown father.. You'll have to see this movie to know what it is!!

A forgotten 70's Horror movie indeed, it's sad that Blood and Lace isn't out on DVD because it really needs to be seen by all Horror fans, it may have cheesy scifi music playing through out the whole time but the movie is sleazy as fuck and we all love sleazy as fuck Horror movies, right? Right. Buy a bootleg, download it, whatever! Just check it out. 8/10.

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