Sunday, September 5, 2010

That Damn Rat.

La Rata Maldita (also known as The Demon Rat and Mutantes Del Año 2000) takes place in the future (1992), the whole world is polluted with some sort of toxic smog so everyone has to wear special goggles (sometimes) and gas masks to keep the pollution from killing them, the main characters are a couple of elementary school teachers that work hard and teach their students everything they can. The female teacher has an asshole ex-husband who partially owns a nuclear plant that does some pretty bad things but of course it's all covered up thanks to bribery. The nuclear plant constantly dumps toxic waste in a local river where the animals get infected and become mutated, the male teacher discovers that when a student of his tells him he's seen a giant fly, this could also involve the "giant rat" problem the female teacher is having at her house. He sends in an "expert" to handle the giant rat problem but this guy is no fucking expert at all!!! All he does is set up glue traps around the house like if that will really catch a fucking giant rat, so yeah from there the "expert" gets killed by the giant rat which now looks like a bigfoot type monster and then the female teacher's ex-husband tries to rape and kill her,  blah blah blah... Family drama shit and mutant rat monster drama. Yep, that's pretty much it. Oh, and there's also some stupid sex scene that was really awkward/cheap and unnecessary, now don't get me wrong, I don't hate sex scenes but this one was just uncool and really cheesy.

I don't know if any of you will like this movie, I guess if you're into crappy movies involving rats and pollution conspiracies then maybe you'll enjoy it. As for me, I did enjoy it but only because I was cracking up through out the whole time and I was making fun of the things the characters were saying, yeah I'm pretty stupid but I was watching a stupid movie so don't start talking shit now (haha). Now will it scare you? NO. It will just make you laugh a lot. If you ever see this movie around, just get it and prepare to laugh A LOT. 3/10.

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