Saturday, September 11, 2010

T&T Party at the Beach House!!!

Beach House is about some teens from Brooklyn and some rich teens from Philly sharing the same beach house for the whole Summer, the Philly teens want to party hard and the Italian teens want to do the same but of course they don't get along and just talk shit. Later on, the Philly dudes have a T&T party where they eat a lot of turkey and drink a lot of tequila, the Philly guys start hating on the Italian guys because they weren't invited, so there's this huge turkey fight and they end up at the police station! After the police station, they have a baseball game and "Anthony" finally asks "Cindy" out, then we see the rest of the guys and girls partying and fighting, etc..

Sounds like a good/peaceful movie huh? It is but every movie has a conflict and this movie has one, there's this weird guy stalking Cindy and when the movie is almost over, we see him chasing her around at the amusement park but Anthony fights the weirdo and "Baby" knocks him out!!! Then the movie ends with all of the teens at the beach dancing to some Rock N Roll! Great movie but very odd. 6/10.

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