Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"The Horror of Party Beach" is amazing.

The Horror of Party Beach is about some sea monsters coming back to life because of toxic waste dumping, when they come back to life they kill a girl named "Tina" and from there the whole town is afraid of sea monsters, so it's up to some scientists and a girl named "Elaine" to stop these blood thirsty zombie-sea monsters! In the beginning of the movie, a beach party is happening, we got The Del-Aires playing their biggest hits and beautiful girls doing the Zombie Stomp! So that's pretty much the "party beach" part of the movie, the rest of the movie is just sea monsters killing girls, Elaine falling in love with "Hank", Elaine's maid being a weirdo and drunks being stupid. It's a must see for all, you'll love it, your girlfriend will love it, your boyfriend will love it and even your parents will love it. Check it out! 9/10.


J. Astro said...

Yes, yes it is amazing. And holy shit, you re-published, like, the whole movie on here. If I scroll down fast enough, it's like a goddamn flip-book. ;) Nice.

raculfright_13 said...

haha yeah, that's sorta the idea with my screengrabs. But I do it without spoiling much :]

Scumbalina said...

This was one of the first old b-movies I fell in love with! I still have my old beat up clamshell vhs copy :D