Saturday, September 4, 2010

"El Libro De Piedra" is Happiness.

SPOILERS! (accept the screengrabs)

El Libro De Piedra (Also known as The Book of Stone) is about a young girl named "Sylvia", she's a little nutcase because she does odd things and has an imaginary friend named "Hugo" who is just a statue. One day, Sylvia gets a new governess, she's a very sweet woman that believes Sylvia is not crazy but just very imaginative. Well, things get very strange when Sylvia's governess starts seeing a young boy walking outside at night and when she looses her precious jewel in the water near Hugo, it's brought back to her by someone at night. Sylvia's step mother is afraid of Hugo because she's also seen a boy walking outside at night, so why is Hugo walking outside all the time? He just plays with Sylvia a lot, they're friends and they care about each other very much. Later on in the movie we find out Sylvia practices black magic, she draws some sort of demonic signal with salt to bring her lizard back to life and she uses her doll as a voodoo doll to hurt her step mother, then Hugo is doing some bad things like scaring a dog to death and killing Sylvia's godfather by staring at him through a car mirror. In the end of the movie, Hugo is destroyed but that doesn't mean the magical book of stone he carries is gone, Sylvia holds the book for him and becomes a statue herself.. When we see her as a statue, it is just sooo creepy.

This is a great movie, it is the 2nd best Taboada horror movie. It's beautifully filmed, has a great cast, has an amazing setting and of course it is creepy as fuck. If you liked Hasta El Viento Tiene Miedo then check out El Libro De Piedra. 9/10. Btw, a remake was released last year and it looks terrible! Check out the trailer HERE

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Bad Ronald said...

Jeesy Maude! That statue alone is enough to give me the creeps!!