Wednesday, August 11, 2010

"Oddballs" is a great Summer Camp Movie.

When "Camp Bottomout" is sold to a millionaire named Skinner, the campers get very upset at "Hardy" (the owner) for selling, so he decides not to sell anymore because he realized it was a big mistake and the camp isn't so bad even though it's crappy and filled with good-hearted brats. When word gets out that Hardy isn't selling anymore, Skinner's son kidnaps Hardy's granddaughter "Jenifer" to make him sell again. Hardy and a camper go after the millionaire's son to save Jenifer and let Skinner know that he's not selling Camp Bottomout!

This is a great cheesy summer camp movie, there's a lot of wackiness and spoofs going on in this movie and the characters are all funny in a weird way. The only negative thing I have to say about the movie is that it should of been longer! If you're a fan of "Screwballs" and other 80's Cheese Comedies then you'll love this movie. 6/10.

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