Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"Loose Screws", a pretty good Screwballs follow-up.

Ahhh Screwballs, the greatest T&A Comedy Ever Made. Did you know there's a follow-up to this classic? Well there is and it recently came out on DVD, the new DVD is remastered beautifully and it was done by those good people at Severin Films. It may not have cool features like the Screwballs DVD but it does have an extended "International" version of Loose Screws! So the disc has 2 versions of Loose Screws and that's fucking great. Really Fucking Great.

Loose Screws has the same plot as Screwballs but it takes place in the modern times (1985), so we don't see classical cars or have cool rockabilly music playing, it's all modernized (80's) and it has awesome New Wave music playing through out the whole movie. In Screwballs, the horny guys wanted to see "Purity" naked and they did in the end, well that's how this movie is but it's a hot French teacher named "Mona Lott" that the guys wanna see. Now there is a problem in Loose Screws and that is the little 5 minute "romance" scene it has, after that little scene we see the guys getting into more crazy mischief with random hot chicks and the teacher, so what the fuck? Why was there romance in this raunchy follow-up? Eh, whatever..

So if you loved Screwballs and the other classic T&A comedies then get this movie immediately. Loose Screws needs to be in your collection. 7/10.


dd said...

Love Loose Screws! Don't remember a "5 min romance scene" in it though? Maybe its an alternate cut?

Do you have any more details about the scene?

raculfright_13 said...

Haha, it could of been a minute or 2. Idk. Anywho, but yeah, it's during the scene where the fat dude feeds the hot dog to the blonde chick.

dd said...

Ah yes - I know the scene.
I thought you may have talking about the scene with the blonde guy and the principal's wife. That chick was smokin hot

raculfright_13 said...