Saturday, July 3, 2010

They all want a piece of the "Nashville Girl".

Nashville Girl is about a young girl named "Jamie" who runs off to Nashville to become a famous country singer, it ain't easy though since all the music producers in Nashville want sex and a lot of money to make a demo. Finally, Jamie meets a country singer named "Jeb" who gives her a 2 year contract, she goes on tour with him and becomes very famous but Jeb tries to fuck Jamie a couple of times because he has a thing for young chicks, this is where things get very serious with Jamie... Should she let him? Or should she just tell him to fuck off?

So that's how the movie is, it's just old men (even an old woman :|) trying to get some from the young country gal. It's an okay movie with attractive girls and catchy songs but it's a little cheesy at times with it's lame comedic scenes. Either way it's a great flick and a must see for fans of  "Coal Miner's Daughter" 6/10.

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prof. grewbeard said...

that's some good ol' country lovin'!...