Friday, July 23, 2010

"Satan's Sadists" is the best Al Adamson movie ever.

Satan's Sadists is about a biker gang called "The Satans" causing trouble at a diner and killing 3 people. 2 other people leave the diner and try to get away from these crazy bikers, The Satans look for them in the desert and at the same time they mess around with 3 college girls on a camping trip. These crazy bikers are really fucked up and don't care about anyone they mess with, "Anchor" (the leader) is the craziest Satan, he gives a little speech about why he hates cops before he kills one! The other bikers are mostly drug addicts since all they wanna do is smoke pot and "trip" with chicks. Anchor's old lady "Gina" is very in love with him but he doesn't give a shit about her, later on in the movie Gina gets dumped and kills herself! So as you can see (read), The Satans are bad news and weird.

This is a weird and fun movie, it's got a cool title sequence and the music is so freakin' awesome! The movie does have bad things, the middle is very dull and there's a lot of bad acting but expect that in all of Al Adamson's movies. You might like it or not but I still recommend you watch it. 7/10.


Alex B. said...

Cool review, man.
Have you seen Adamson's Black Samurai with Jim Kelly? That's pretty good trashy fun.
Also, if you ever come across a film called Mad Foxes - check it out. That's the best biker movie ever. It's got tons of action, violence, castrated neo-Nazis, and a heavy metal soundtrack by the Swedish band Krokus.
I reckon you'd enjoy that

raculfright_13 said...

Thanks Alex, I need to see Black Samurai sometime, I hear it's okay :] Never heard of Mad Foxes but it sounds pretty cool!