Friday, July 9, 2010

Ninja Turf? More like "L.A. Street Fighters".

So I bought this awesome Martial Arts Box Set not too long ago so I'll be reviewing a lot of Martial Arts movies on here, so prepare! Here's the first one from that set.

L.A. Street Fighters (also known as "Ninja Turf", "L.A. Street Fighter" and "Chinatown") is about some street gang fighting enemies and working as security guards for local Crime Bosses, unfortunately it has a drama plot (ugh!!) and it's not very good because it is confusing and super pointless. It's an okay movie though since it has pretty good action and cool characters (Japanese Hitman is awesome!) but the movie does have some problems...You see, the movie is really dark because these filmmakers that made this bizzare trash did not use lights and/or good cameras, so it was really fucking hard to watch this movie at times and that really annoyed me big time. The other bad thing is the acting, the whole cast was terrible! they would say their lines very slow and awkward. There was good and bad in this movie but it's watchable at least (when it was wasn't dark), hopefully you enjoy this trashy 80's Martial Arts flick. 5/10.

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Ty said...

Agreed. This was watchable, but very silly.

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