Friday, July 23, 2010

"MaryJane", the 60's version of Reefer Madness.

MaryJane is about a High School faculty trying to find a way to stop kids from smoking pot, it's hard though because the teens won't quit and they have no idea where the pot is coming from. The main teenager "Jordan Bates" is the most annoying character of the movie because he tries too hard to fit in with the "badass" potheads of the school, they don't even like him but he keeps on trying to impress them. The pothead club name is "MaryJane", everyone in that group is rich and super snooty, especially the leader, he's the second annoying character of the movie. His girlfriend "Susan" (Played by Patty McCormack) is the only character I liked because she wasn't cruel to Jordan and she's really gorgeous!

It's an okay movie, the problem with it though is that it's sooo annoying and exaggerated at times, it's basically a 60's version of Reefer Madness5/10.

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