Monday, July 5, 2010

I don't want to go on a "Vacation of Terror".

This is probably the greatest Mexican Horror flick ever, it has everything you can ask for! An evil witch, a doll possessed by the evil witch, bleeding trees, bleeding walls, a toy car that can kill, Pedro Fernandez with terrible hair and a creepy little girl. Yep, scary shit right there!

Vacation of Terror (also known as Vacaciones de Terror) is about a family having a little vacation at some old house in the country, it's a crappy house really since it's dirty and all broken up but somehow the man of the family still wants to stay there no matter what. Of course, the house has way more problems than a few cracks and dirt, an evil witch was killed there long ago and a doll she had was thrown in some sort of wishing well so others will never get to it, a little girl finds it (so much for throwing it down there) and immediately becomes attached to the ugly doll. Then weird shit starts happening, the little girl's mom (supposedly pregnant) becomes ill because of the doll, then the older girl of the family (the little girl's cousin) starts seeing crazy things in the house like rotten food being eaten by mice and bleeding walls, this ain't your normal house huh? 

Later on we find out the doll is possessed by that witch from long ago, she makes the little girl do awful things to her family, so it's up to the cousin and her boyfriend (played by Pedro Fernandez) to stop this crazy shit or they will all die.

So see, it's a great movie. Enough blood to gross you out, enough nasty mice to gross you out and that doll is super ugly and creepy! Especially when it fucking rolls it's eyes. If you're into movies like "The Amityville Horror", "Poltergeist" and "Dolls" then this is a must see for you. It will scare you, it will gross you out and most of all... It will entertain the shit outta you. 8/10.

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