Friday, July 2, 2010

"Hot Times" is the most bizzare T&A comedy ever.

Hot Times is about "Archie" (he's not like the comic book character "Archie" that's for sure) wanting to get laid on New Year's Eve after his girlfriend "Bette" dumps him. He has a hard time trying to get laid but he doesn't give up no matter what!

This movie is pretty wacky and the nudity is very awesome, we get plenty of bush, boobs and ass. The movie is narrated by the funny character "Mughead" (rip-off of Jughead) who tells the story of Archie's Hard Day with smart remarks and dirty jokes but the movie does get a little slow in the middle due to Archie's weird dream scenes and boring (and unfunny) filler talk with a Taxi Driver. Either way, the movie is still worth watching.. Check it out guys. 7/10.


Morgan said...

A lot of sex going on I see...a lot. Haha

raculfright_13 said...

haha, that's just half of the sexual content.