Friday, July 30, 2010

Watch out for "The Pit".

The Pit is about an autistic boy named "Jamie" who discovers "Trogs" live nearby, he starts talking to them and feeding them hamburger meat. When he runs out of money to buy more meat, his Teddy Bear tells him to give em people! People that are mean to him!

Here's what sucked a lot: Jamie and the ending, Jamie got annoying after a while because all he does is talk to his Teddy Bear and act weird with his babysitter, as for the ending... It's stupid! I guess it was meant to be funny but it really wasn't. What I did like about the movie is that it was funny at times and really gory when the Trogs start eating people. Watch it if you're curious. 5/10.

Friday, July 23, 2010

"MaryJane", the 60's version of Reefer Madness.

MaryJane is about a High School faculty trying to find a way to stop kids from smoking pot, it's hard though because the teens won't quit and they have no idea where the pot is coming from. The main teenager "Jordan Bates" is the most annoying character of the movie because he tries too hard to fit in with the "badass" potheads of the school, they don't even like him but he keeps on trying to impress them. The pothead club name is "MaryJane", everyone in that group is rich and super snooty, especially the leader, he's the second annoying character of the movie. His girlfriend "Susan" (Played by Patty McCormack) is the only character I liked because she wasn't cruel to Jordan and she's really gorgeous!

It's an okay movie, the problem with it though is that it's sooo annoying and exaggerated at times, it's basically a 60's version of Reefer Madness5/10.

"Satan's Sadists" is the best Al Adamson movie ever.

Satan's Sadists is about a biker gang called "The Satans" causing trouble at a diner and killing 3 people. 2 other people leave the diner and try to get away from these crazy bikers, The Satans look for them in the desert and at the same time they mess around with 3 college girls on a camping trip. These crazy bikers are really fucked up and don't care about anyone they mess with, "Anchor" (the leader) is the craziest Satan, he gives a little speech about why he hates cops before he kills one! The other bikers are mostly drug addicts since all they wanna do is smoke pot and "trip" with chicks. Anchor's old lady "Gina" is very in love with him but he doesn't give a shit about her, later on in the movie Gina gets dumped and kills herself! So as you can see (read), The Satans are bad news and weird.

This is a weird and fun movie, it's got a cool title sequence and the music is so freakin' awesome! The movie does have bad things, the middle is very dull and there's a lot of bad acting but expect that in all of Al Adamson's movies. You might like it or not but I still recommend you watch it. 7/10.