Thursday, June 17, 2010

Filthy "City Rats" stealing my money and jewels.

I remember watching this movie with my parents long ago, It scared me and at the same time it made me sad because it ends very tragic, of course the movie isn't all tragic though.. It is super violent and bizarre, then again that's how all Mexploitation flicks are.

City Rats (also known as "Ratas De La Ciudad") is about a man named "Pedro" and his son moving to a city in Mexico, apparently Pedro's wife left him due to his bad temper and was a "good for nothing" man. Their lives change when Pedro's son get run over by an undercover cop, Pedro wants justice but he doesn't get his way since the cop lies and gets off Scott Free, He gets pissed off and pushes the cop into a glass water cooler which injures the cop's face. Pedro is tortured and sent to prison.. Seeing as his father is nowhere to be found, a nurse decides to send Pedro's son to an orphanage but the boy leaves the hospital thinking an orphanage is a "jail for kids". The kid is now alone and is hungry, this is when he meets an older street kid that befriends him and teaches him how to steal in order to survive living in the streets. The Street kids in the movie are bad, they kill for money and jewels in order to survive, it's very terrifying seeing these kids killing in such brutal ways but also very sad since these kids are alone and don't know any better.

Meanwhile, Pedro is having a hard time in prison, he barely makes enough money in there and his lawyer can't help him get out but luckily he befriends a man that helps him out a lot and when Pedro gets out of prison the man is there waiting for him to help out some more, this time however it's to find Pedro's son and get revenge on the man that got em in prison, the movie gets very sleazy and ultra violent once he gets out of prison, we see Pedro fighting at a club, shooting up criminals (he becomes an undercover cop) and he's really hoping he will find his son in that rotten city they're in.

This is a great movie, we get really cool shots of the Mexican city and ridiculous amounts of gore and violence, plus Valentin Trujillo is badass in this movie (well when isn't he a badass in a movie?). It's a must see for fans of Mexploitation flicks and if you dig killer kids. Check it out. 7/10.



Atroxion said...

Looks quite interesting. I'll be sure to check it out if I can get ahold of it. Cheers!

raculfright_13 said...

you can find a DVD copy at any wal-mart for 7 bucks.

Atroxion said...

True, but I really can't afford travelling to the USA right now. :)

raculfright_13 said...

ahh thats right XD

SCRUMPY said...

Great movie, I have a soft spot for "barrios pobres" movies. Have you seen "Ratas de Vecindad"? I heard this one is even more violent. Haven't been able to track down a copy, but if you have seen if, I would like to see a review of it!