Thursday, June 10, 2010

Every boy needs "The Teacher" to show him the way.

The Teacher is about a boy named "Sean" and his very sexy teacher named "Diane". The movie starts with a very weird looking man getting ready to go somewhere, he lives in an old factory and drives a hearse, we see him drive off in the hearse and stops right by a high school and looks at Diane with binoculars so from there we know he's stalking her. She drives home and the man follows her everywhere she goes. The man's name is "Ralph" and his younger brother is best friends with Sean, Sean and his friend go to Ralph's place to peep at Diane sun bathing nearby (Ralph was doing this earlier), Ralph gets mad so he yells at his brother and accidentally falls off the building and dies, he immediately blames Sean for the accident and tries to kill him but he gets away. From there the movie gets interesting, Diane and Sean get really close (and I mean really close!), they have sex and start a serious relationship even though she's married, Ralph is still stalking Diane and still wants Sean dead so he tries to kill him a few times.. So yeah, you're gonna be seeing Ralph through out the whole movie and some very great nude shots of The Teacher ;]

It's a pretty good sexploitation movie, the actress that plays Diane is very hot and even Sean's mom is pretty fucking hot too, the story was interesting and surprisingly the acting was not bad at all. This is a must see if you're into the whole "Student/Teacher" relationship stuff and of course fans of the exploitation genre. Check it out. 8/10.

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