Sunday, June 13, 2010

Each night I ask the stars up above, Why must I be a Teenager From Mars?

Teenagers from Outer Space, oh boy... This is such a horrible movie but It's very watchable because the story is somewhat interesting and the characters are so lovable, like Gramps, Betty, Thor, Joe and the very queer looking main character: "Derek" ;]

This movie is about some "martians" that go to Earth to raise their stupid lobster monsters called "The Gargons", I guess they wanna take over the world with those things so they try their best to get them growing. Derek is the only martian that has feelings and tries to convince the other dudes to stop being bad but they refuse and he runs away, the leader of the martians tells the head of the group to bring him back so the head dude sends "Thor" (the evil tough martian) to do the job. Derek arrives at a city where he meets a few people including "Gramps" and his cute granddaughter "Betty", Betty befriends him and takes him swimming at her friend's house. When they arrive at the house we find out why Derek came to Betty and Gramps house.. It was because when he and the others arrived on Earth, they killed Betty's dog "Sparky" with a ray gun, the dog tag was in Sparky's skeletal remains which had Gramps and Betty's address written on so he goes there to give it back or whatever. Then we see Thor looking for Derek, learning how to drive a car and kills a few people with that stupid ray gun, from there the movie is filled with Action! Suspense! Romance! Giant Lobsters! Gramps trying to cross the street!

It's a very a entertaining "bad" movie, the special effects are super crappy and the acting is terrible, the story is actually interesting though so you're really gonna get into the movie no matter how terrible it really is. What I do like about the movie the most though is the setting because it's so peaceful looking and quiet. This is a must see for everyone, buy it! 8/10.


Atroxion said...

Teenagers from Outer Space? You've got to be kidding me.

raculfright_13 said...

What's wrong with Teenagers from Outer Space D:

Atroxion said...

It's definitely taking ridiculous movie titles to a whole new level. It was the 50s, though, so it isn't surprising.