Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Clowns are having a "Terror on Tour".

Terror on Tour is about a rock band called "The Clowns" that are very popular and are on a big tour, they play some pretty cool music and they also party with groupies.. Of course, it ain't all fun though since someone is brutally killing these slutty and stoned chicks, so who is it? Well it ain't any of the Clowns that's for sure, it's just someone pretending to be the band members, he wears the same make-up, hair, outfit, etc. Yeah you get the picture. The movie is a bit boring though since we see random boring filler in the middle but it gets pretty good after the boring crap ends.

Well the movie is worth watching if you're a fan of movies like "Rocktober Blood" and "Hard Rock Zombies", don't expect a really cool slasher flick though because there isn't a lot of brutal killings, we do get cool shots of the killer though and the girls that get killed are very hot (yes there is nudity!). Check it out if you have time. 6/10.

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