Sunday, June 20, 2010

"The American Scream" is dumb.

This is the dumbest movie ever, it doesn't make sense at all and it tries too hard to be funny at times and the famous "Diner" scene is the weirdest shit ever....

(I think) The movie is about a family going to the mountains for a little vacation, along the way the teens witness a murder in a car behind them, the parents sing lame songs and go to a nice little (weird) diner to have some breakfast. After the weird diner, they arrive at their cabin where one of the teens sees a murder in the woods, no one believes him but he swears he saw a man with a long blade cutting up a chick, later on they go to a lame polka dance where they see more weirdo adults, the parents are having a blast but the teenagers are having an odd time dealing with brutal murders and creeps. So then they start to believe something or someone wants them dead because so much crazy shit is happening.. SPOILERS BELOW!

We find out later the parents planned this vacation to get their kids killed, I guess they wanted to get rid of them? Some stupid shit like that, so the teens plan to become adults and kill the ones that are after their dumbasses. That's it. They become "adults" and it ends from there. So see, it doesn't make sense!! Even though it's dumb and confusing, the movie isn't boring seeing as we got funny little characters and the bloody scenes were crazy enough to entertain me. Not sure if you'll like the movie but it's worth checking out if you're bored and curious, don't let the poster fool you though because it isn't a "National Lampoon's Vacation" meets a slasher movie at all, it's a dumb movie trying to be funny and somehow scary at the same time. 3/10.

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