Monday, June 28, 2010

"Cop Killers", a movie about hippie dudes killing cops.

Cop Killers is about two hippie dudes named "Alex" and "Ray" that are traveling far to make a big drug deal that's gonna make them rich.. But! The cops are in the way of these two hippie dudes and what should they do? KILL THE COPS of course! So as they travel they kill cops and kidnap a hot chick to use as a hostage. This was a great Exploitation movie, it had plenty of action to keep you watching and there's plenty of hot girls that will also keep you watching (haha). Of course, the movie did have it's bad moments, like the cheap blood effects, bad acting, bad editing and it ends very lame (unfortunately) but it's still worth checking out for the badass cop killing action and eye candy. 7/10.

"The Babysitter" is great with kids and even better with daddy.

The Babysitter is about a young girl named "Candy Wilson" who's having a very steamy relationship with a District Attorney named "George Maxwell", his marriage sucks because his wife only wants to play cards with other married couples instead of doing fun stuff with him (sex!). When George drives Candy home, they both become very close after a little talk about hippie crap and feelings so the next day they fool around in the pool and have sex, it seems very calm and all but the thing is, George's oldest daughter "Joan" has a friend who wants to blackmail George in order to free her biker boyfriend from prison, so she takes a few (well more than a few really) pictures of him having sexual encounters with Candy (lucky him!!!). She meets with George and tells him exactly what she'll do with the pictures if he doesn't free her biker boyfriend, he doesn't want to free the guy but he's afraid of his reputation and his marriage but luckily Candy knows what to do and she does it to save poor ol' George!

I love this movie so much, it's funny, crazy, groovy, sexy and very calm toned too. This is a must see for fans of Crown International movies like "Wild Riders" "The Teacher" and "Pick-Up". 8/10.