Monday, May 3, 2010

"She Freak" = Carny Drama.

I always thought this was a horror movie, not just because of the title but the plot sounded like it, boy was I wrong! The movie was more of a drama with a tea spoon of Exploitation and a horror ending, Sounds ok right? Well yeah but I just wished it was a horror movie instead. Anyway, let's get down to business.


She-Freak is about a country girl named "Claire", she works at this cheap gas station/cafe where her boss is just pervy with her and deals with bullshit everyday. Claire gets tired of it so she gets a job at a carnival working as a waitress for a food stand, she meets a stripper, befriends her, talks about life with her and all that stuff. Claire's mission in life however is being someone, she doesn't want to be some waitress, she wants to have it all and she'll just do about anything to get it and then she meets a rich man that works at the carnival who owns the FreakShow. They date and then marry, things seem going well for Claire since she's getting nice clothes and staying at nice hotels, of course she doesn't really give a crap about her husband though since she fools around with the ferris wheel operator by the name of "Blackie". The midget that works for Claire's husband finds out about this affair so he tells his boss about it and doesn't believe it til one night he comes early from work and sees Blackie leaving the hotel room, they get into a big fight and Blackie stabs Claire's husband to death, Claire looks at her husband dying and just smiles at him in a mean snooty way. She didn't care because now she owns the FreakShow and is richer than ever, she fires the midget and all the carnies are mad at her for doing that but does she care? Nah, she just continues smoking her cigar and counting the money she's making. Later that night she's approached by the midget holding a knife and in the back of her some freaks with weapons appear and somehow she's turned into an ugly freak of nature that ends up being the main attraction of the FreakShow.

So that's pretty much how the movie goes, there isn't a point to it really and it wasn't all that fun as I thought it would be. Don't expect to see freaks through out the whole movie because they barely appear and it just focuses on Claire's little bullshit instead, so it's basically a drama movie that takes place in a carnival and uses the Freaks ending as the money shot. If you like movies that are shot on carnivals, sleazy characters and midgets wearing cowboy hats then you might enjoy it, I would just rent this movie If I was you, don't buy it unless you really like it which I kinda doubt will happen haha. 5/10. 

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Phantom of Pulp said...

Had potential, but skimps on real freaks, as you say. I liked the lead actress, though. John Waters would have liked her appalling attitude.