Monday, May 17, 2010

Jason Impey's newest flick "Tormented" really impressed me.

Here we are with another Jason Impey flick, this is his latest one and it's called "Tormented". I watched it on Saturday night and I was expecting it to be a gore flick but it was not really that, it had some gore but not as much as I was expecting, this turned out to be a very sad and creepy film. Let me explain.

The movie is about a chick named "Faye" that is just sitting in a bench minding her own business when all of a sudden she's being stalked by a man, she gets chased around for a little bit and then the man knocks her out, puts her in the trunk of his car and drives off somewhere. Next thing you know we see Faye tied up in a chair and the man is preparing for a brutal torture which was just one thing really (screwdriver stabbed in her knee), after that we find out why the man is doing this. The man turns out to be someone Faye knew by the name of "Robert" from high school, Robert was always picked on by Faye and her friends, Robert also liked Faye a lot but she didn't care at all which is why she and her boyfriend at the time pulled a really nasty Valentine's Day prank on him which really bothered him and made him crazy. We also find out Robert has been killing off all the people that use to pick on him in school and Faye is the last one, of course she isn't ignorant so she fights back and it ends violent and sort of creepy.

The movie turned out to be an emotional psycho story rather than a gore flick but was it bad? Nah, but I did wish we could of seen flashbacks of the bullying and learn more about Robert's past, to me that would of made the movie a bit better and longer too since the whole movie was only 36 minutes long. I hope Jason Impey does some sort of follow up to this movie because I really enjoyed the story because it felt real. 6/10.

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