Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Tortured" was quite disturbing.

Alex Bakshaev sent me two Indie flicks that his pal Jason Impey directed and starred inthe movies are called "Tortured" (also known Sex Slave, Tormented, Deranged, Escaped Convicts) and "Cut & Paste". First one I'll talk about is Tortured because it was the most disturbing Independent Horror/Revenge movie I have ever seen, and I'm not exaggerating either haha.

Spoilers Beware!

The movie is about two escaped convicts named Kurk and Quaid, they are probably the nastiest people ever since Krug, Weasel and Sadie from Last House on the Left... The two nasties are trying to leave the UK since they're wanted and all, they decide to kidnap a chick so that way it'll make their escape easier. They find a chick at a pub and they take her away to a wooded area where she's brutally raped, chased around and in the end of the movie she's shot to death. Now the rape scene is very disturbing and cruel toned, trust me, it will shock you but that's if movies like Cannibal Holocaust, Last House on the Left and I Spit On Your Grave did. My only problem with the movie was the way it ended, the movie starts with Kurk and Quaid talking while trying to get rid of the girl's body, then they both get eaten by zombies and from there we go back a day from when these two nasties were planning their escape. I felt the ending should of been the zombie scene instead of the murder scene but oh well.

The movie has quite a history, I remember Alex telling me in an email that the movie was actually banned from Amazon for being too brutal, I emailed Jason Impey regarding my curiousity with that and what inspired him to make such a disgusting movie (haha) so he responded with this:

Tortured  has had an interesting saga, it all started with my being DOP on Kemal Yildirim's 30 minute Giallo film 'Penance' in 2007. While we was making it I said it was such a great experience and film I should do a film and we could release it as a double bill in which Kemal thought was a great idea as me and him had collaborated on various films and we both had a huge love of Exploitation/Grindhouse films, especially the late 70's early 80's video nasties.  I had made quite a few feature films by this point but wanted to push the limits as I loved very heavy extreme controversial films, some of my favorite films are 'I Spit On our Grave', 'Nekromantik 1 & 2', 'Cannibal Holocaust & Ferox' etc.

So while I was making my explicit zombie rape short 'Revenge of the Dead' early 2007 I came up with a short idea about 2 escaped convicts that where trying to dispose of a body which became the start of the script for 'Tortured'. I decided to call the film Tortured AKA Sex Slave - the AKA being a homage to all the obscure Italian video nasties that have picked up several titles in various countries. 

We spent 5 very long days, one being 21 hours shooting late November early December 2007, with a pick up day in January 2008. I embarked editing and had a finished film early spring 2008, this was just over 1 hour and was the uncut version with a graphic shot of a gun going inside Carmel's character and her masturbating in the shower for real, I had made it a pure sexploitation picture and was very proud. I created with Kemal the ultimate cut called 'Exploitation' in which 'Penance' played first which was a more slick film and then followed by my B Movie mayhem Tortured AKA Sex Slave. This version also contained 4 faux trailers like the 'Grindhouse' film Tarantino and Rodriguez did. These were 'School Ground Massacre' directed by Natalie Pledger, 'Hitchin Hell' directed by Saima Yildirim (Kemal's wife) & 'Women Prisoners Of SS Camp From Hell' directed by myself. 

This film 'Exploitation' premiered at the Phoenix Cinema in London in which 3 people walked out in disgust at Tortured, but it also sparked a bit of talk etc about the whole film particularly Tortured.

A 6 disc DVD-R set was made full of extras etc  which me and Kemal have boot legged.

After all this which brought us to the end of 2008 I started looking for proper distribution as some of my previous features have had. In 2009 WWMM watched a slightly cut version which was just Tortured AKA Sex Slave with the graphic real masturbation and gun insert removed. They loved it and sent it to Warner Bros who again liked it but said it was way too much - obscene and offensive and way too graphic so WWMM decided to do a minor cult label release, I had artwork done etc and a disc was made with a documentary and all was good to go. They changed the title to 'Deranged' to make it more passable to censorship and it was released for a very short while when I was told shops including amazon would not stock it no more due to it being too extreme, apparently the rape was too much, the sex nudity and sleaze was too much, and they even told me the dialogue was too graphic! The whole tone of the film appeared to be bad.

So I continued making films and made a 40 minute thriller called 'Tormented', I released this as a double bill with 'Escaped Convicts' which is a heavily cut version of 'Tortured AKA Sex Slave'. 10 minutes were cut out, the title changed, and a shot moved around, this version has been released and can be found here:

This year I managed to sign a deal for the total uncut version along with my faux nazi trailer as the opening intro with Maxim Media International:

So yeah, I suggest you get yourself a copy of this movie and see for yourself. I would like to thank Alex and Jason for wanting me to check out their films, I appreciate it guys! 7/10.

For more Info on Jason Impey and his movie "Tortured" then visit his website:

Next review will be another Jason Impey movie called "Cut & Paste".


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