Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Thinkin' Big" will make your dick bigger.

So the day I watched this movie, I was feeling very sad and blue, I was just laying in the couch thinking of stuff when all of a sudden I remembered I downloaded a teen sex comedy that was directed by the great S.F. Brownrigg, I was curious to see how this would be since Brownrigg has done only horror flicks in the 70's, so I popped it in and yeah..... Ummm.. it was kinda dumb and it felt very rushed too like if they just shot it in 6 days and didn't even bother to cut when someone failed at a line or something... So yeah, it wasn't very good but it wasn't boring at all, it had some very bizarre but likable scenes.. Oh! and there was boobs at least. Tthe main character "Pud" was a cool fat dude, an alright actor too but the rest of the cast were terrible and not likable at all, just Pud was cool. BTW, the movie did sort of cheer me up, just wanted to let you know ;]

So the movie is about some guys that decide to go to the beach for summer vacation and fuck hot chicks, same time some girls plan to go to the same beach to look for guys, so they all go... blah blah... blah... blahhh.. then they meet and hang out and shit. From there Pud gets jealous of his asian's friend "Big" penis and he tells Pud to "Think Big" so he can grow it or whatever so he does these dumb things to grow it but of course he fails -_-.  Anyways from there the movie just deals with Pud being gloomy and trying to grow his shlong, his friends are scoring, a couple of the girls meet a local crime kingpin and from then on it turns into an action/crime film involving Pud being the hero. So yeeah the movie is sloppy as hell and just all over the place with weird shit going on. The movie was not too good, it was cheap, corny, odd and it's very sloppy like I said but it's not boring at all, it's worth watching if your bored or in my case feeling blue. Find a copy if you wish and get ready for a cheap S.F. Brownrigg teen sex comedy. 5/10.

                                 found the cover at

         He has a brick on a rope tied to his shlong.. Will it grow? NO.

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