Thursday, April 29, 2010

Someone is murdering the selfish women at the "Carnival of Blood".

Back in the day when Comcast was still in Southern California, they provided digital cable, internet, and of course they had an On-Demand feature and... Jesus.. They had Something Weird Video On-Demand!!! I remember rushing home after school and turning on the cable box just to see what Something Weird was offering that week. I would watch the trailers, clips, and of course the ever so fucking amazing movies. There was one trailer that I was very fond of and that was the Carnival of Blood/Curse of the Headless Horseman Double Feature trailer, both movies looked really cool and I knew one day I'd had to fucking watch both movies. Thanks to Netflix, I finally got to watch the amazing Carnival of Blood and the ever so boring Curse of the Headless Horseman. Here's a little review of Carnival of Blood. I'll review the Headless Horseman movie some other time.

Carnival of Blood is about a psycho with a teddy bear fetish killing the selfish and nagging women at Coney Island! Is the psycho Gimpy the Hunchback? Tom? Or Is it a monster!?!

Carnival of Blood is not a perfect movie but hey! It's tons of fun and ridiculously bloody. There's also a catchy hippie acoustic song playing through out the whole movie. It's Beautiful. It's Catchy. It's Haunting...

If you are into cheap but nasty gore, camera shots of Coney Island in the 70's, Teddy Bears, and love seeing selfish women getting killed... Then check this movie out! You'll fall madly in love with it. 7/10.

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Jonny Metro said...

Hey, if you go to some attraction known as the Carnival of Blood, you're just asking to get carved up!