Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One day I will get my daughter a "Dolly Dearest".

So let's go back in time...

Around 1998 I was obsessed with killer doll movies, I really don't know why I had this obsession but I always bugged my mom to rent "Dolls", "Child's Play 2" and "Demonic Toys". One day I went with her to rent movies and I ran into a tape with a cover of a creepy doll which was Dolly Dearest, I got a bit scared of the cover but I wanted to watch it anyway since my obsession with killer dolls didn't end yet. So yeah, I watched the movie with my older brother and I was pretty freaked out by it since the doll was not alone at times, she had other little dolls doing crazy shit and the doll voices were creepy as fuck! Anyways, let's get down to business shall we?

The movie is about an American family moving to Mexico, the dad bought a factory that use to make old dolls, it's a great investment so of course why not move the family from LA to Mexico to be rich by making little dolls for little girls. The opening of the movie is really cool, we see this evil spirit escaping from a tomb and just floating around looking for something to stay in so it goes into the factory. From there the movie starts with the American family moving to Mexico, they visit the factory and the little girl by the name of "Jessica" falls in love with the beautiful dolls known as "Dolly Dearest". Her father lets her keep one and so she takes one that is possessed and from there All Hell Breaks Loose. The movie has it's share of confusion and corny moments, in the beginning we don't see the spirit going into any of the dolls so you're gonna assume it went into one doll only but later on in the movie we see a bunch of possessed dolls in the factory and apparently the spirit can be in anything and multiply, see that's what annoyed me at first because they don't mention that til later on but whatever, the scenes with all the dolls were amazing and scary! So I'm glad they used more than one doll, so I didn't mind after all. Corny moments? Here:

- The older son tells the doll "Play with this bitch!" and shoots it.
- Mexican man dancing at the factory late at night and being super silly with the doll. Oh and making a burrito!
- The movie turns into a Turkish Exorcist rip-off for a while since the evil spirit gets into Jessica's body and starts talking all evil and shit.

Anywho, if you want to see a pretty cool killer doll movie then find this movie on DVD, it's not out of print or rare to find so I'm sure you'll find this anywhere and for a good price as well. 8/10.
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Morgan said...

Awesome review! I remember seeing the cover of this film, and never thought about checking it out. Thanks to your review, I'm going to grab me a copy!

raculfright_13 said...

Yes get it soon! :D

Phantom of Pulp said...

I'll move on from doll movies one day. This is not the best, but it's got spunk.